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Helping the HSPs, empaths, and deep feelers transform their lives through online therapy in Alberta.

Counselling is the key to tapping into your inner power and overcoming emotional overwhelm.


I'm Megan (she/her)

I'm a registered psychologist helping highly sensitive people reclaim their emotions and find their voice.

If you've ever felt like...

  • your emotions are too overwhelming

  • you're misunderstood or "too sensitive"

  • you often put others' needs above your own

  • you're unsure of who you are

  • you struggle to maintain relationships


Counselling services can help you discover the tools you have to bring more purpose into your life.

Megan Sherback

Through Lilac Alberta Counselling, you find a space of acceptance and understanding that helps you heal.

Despite how you may feel right now, it is possible to live a more meaningful life. This is the first step towards that goal. Together we work on...

  • soothing your emotions and healing your emotional pain

  • discovering your identity and strengths, and finding your path in life

  • building more fulfilling connections within yourself and with others

Online counselling services offer you a convenient, accessible way to start making change.

white blooming flowers

Find peace and balance in your day-to-day life, even amongst chaotic emotions.

flowers sitting on chair

Move beyond the emotional overwhelm, and learn to embrace your feelings and sensitivities.

lilac flowers in ceramic jar

Access support for your own well-being while continuing to help others process emotions.

women walking on beach

Get the guidance you need to start your journey.

Through secure, online counselling, you can get support from the comfort of your own space. Get comfy on your couch, sip your favourite beverage, maybe even settle in next to your pet. There are fewer worries and more focus on the session itself.


Here's how you can get started:

  1. Book your first appointment for counselling on our secure, online booking and video platform.

  2. In our first session, we'll review the consent, as well as your individual needs and goals to set us up for success.

  3. We continue to work together in as many sessions as needed to create your purposeful life.

You have the power to build more fulfilling relationships, improve your self-esteem, and take charge of your journey.

Starting online therapy in Alberta can give you the help you need to achieve this, through supportive guidance and tools you need to enhance your self-understanding.


Our feelings and experiences deserve to be seen and heard.

As an experienced Alberta therapist who understands the complexity of heightened emotions and sensitivities, I decided to use my expertise as a therapist to create an environment that accepts and embraces our feelings. Now, I work collaboratively with deep feelers and the highly sensitive in a strengths-based counselling approach that helps you to connect to your inner power and start making changes.

When you find your voice, you can build a life that heals and empowers you.

Get guidance on your journey

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