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Hi there! I'm Megan (she/her)

I’m a registered psychologist in Alberta working with the highly sensitive.

Thank you for being here and looking for support for your emotional overwhelm.

I know how those of us who are deeply caring, intuitive individuals can feel isolated or overwhelmed. And, I have seen how often those with deep or sensitive emotions are misunderstood or overlooked by the mental health community. Whether we are Highly Sensitive People (HSPs), experience Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), or are therapists and empaths holding space for others' emotions, our feelings and experiences deserve to be seen and heard.


I decided to use my experience and expertise as a psychologist in Alberta to create an environment that respects the complexity of our emotions. A space where you can feel safe in telling your story, have control over the counselling process, and find your voice.

My Approach as a Registered Psychologist in Alberta

Partnering with others to guide them on their journey of healing and celebrate their successes makes me feel deeply honoured. There is beauty in my clients' individualities, strengths and weaknesses. Even in their vulnerabilities and struggles. It's a rewarding experience to help people discover and tap into their potential.


My counselling process is collaborative, gentle, and reflective. We focus on self-discovery in sessions made for you to be truly seen and heard, without judgment. I work from a humanistic, strengths-based perspective to connect to your inner strengths to create positive changes. And through follow-up sessions, we build tools to implement those changes to reach a more joyful life.


This could look like a variety of therapeutic techniques and tools to help support your individual needs, such as...

Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT)

Acceptance-Based Commitment Therapy (ACT)

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

Solution-Focused Therapy


Through specialized services, I work with you to understand your story and help you connect to your inner strengths. Together we create strategies that empower you to live more purposefully.

  • For BPD: to find peace and balance, even amongst chaotic emotions.

  • For HSPs: to move beyond overwhelm and embrace your feelings.

  • For Therapists: to access support while helping others process emotions.

These values are the foundation of our sessions together:


a safe environment, a space to share what you want when you want to. To have control over the therapy process.


 for who you are, your story, your truth and what is important to you. Respecting your individual uniqueness that what you need may be different from others.


working together to identify your hopes and dreams. Acknowledging the strengths and resources that you already have. You have control throughout the process.

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More about me!

As a therapist who has often worked with and advocated for the highly sensitive, I'm driven by respect for the complexity of our emotions, experiences, and senses. Outside of my practice, I'm also deeply connected to feelings and experiences — I spend time connecting with friends and family (including my cat and dog), enjoying music and art, and restoring my well-being through yoga, exercise, and fun, new foods!



Registered with the College of Alberta Psychologists as a Psychologist # 4651



Masters of Arts in Counselling Psychology, Yorkville University

Bachelors in Arts, Psychology, University of Alberta



ACT & Mindfulness for Trauma, Russ Harris

Recovery Oriented Cognitive Therapy, Beck Institute

CBT for Suicidality, the Association for Psychological Therapies

Using DBT to Treat Emotional Dysregulation Disorders, Jack Hirose

Two-Day Grief Workshop, Pepsi

Solution-Focused Brief Therapy, Denver Centre for SFBT

Mindfulness Meditation, University of Calgary

Traumatic Dissociation, Emotional Dysregulation and the Loss of Self, University of Calgary Centre for Social Work Research

When you find your voice, you can build a life that heals and empowers you.

Get guidance on your journey

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